Preparing for Travel

My husband says that I have to do my preparations beforehand and not at the last moment. So I decided to prepare for the trip in advance. Firstly, I have to decide where exactly we will go to rest. Then, I need to buy all necessary things and clothing. We arranged I would be the organizer of our vacation. I have long dreamed of visiting to Portugal. Portugal is a fascinating country, which can be called a quiet European province where virgin nature peacefully coexists with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and respect for national customs peacefully coexists with European traditions. Hospitality is one of the traits of the national character of the Portuguese. There are many beautiful places in Portugal. But my heart told me go to Kuria. Vast sandy beaches and severe coastal cliffs, which broke the waves, gentle hills covered with greenery and mountains, an abundance of flowers and red earth that is what attracts thousands of tourists in Kuria. Similar responses of tourists attracted my attention and I decided to go exactly there. I had to learn about the features of weather in order to select the required clothing. It turned out that these sites is characterized by a subtropical climate. It is soft, without sharp fluctuations in temperature climate. In summer there is quite hot, so I need light and breathable clothing. Yet I wondered what sights we can see in Kuria. It is a lot of attractions in different parts of the country. In Lisbon it is Rossio Square is the place where the heretics were burned and where the bullfight was held, the castle of St. George, Jerome Monastery - one of the 3 monuments that have no analogues in the world. The pearl of Portugal is called the old Moorish town of Sintra, in the middle of the century became the residence of kings. One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Portugal is Evora. Here we can see unique shape of form more than 30 churches, monasteries and palaces. A set of comfortable and cozy hotel is in the Kuria.