Clothing for the Journey

So, I have chosen the destination of our travel. Now I have to decide what things to bring along with us. Clothes should be comfortable and easy, as subtropical climate prevails in Portugal, Weather forecasters predict a hot summer in this country. My friend agreed to go shopping with me. We went to a large shopping center. I decided to buy several tops to every day. These tops are sewn from cotton or jersey. This material allows the skin to breathe. This is an indispensable thing for traveling. I chose a white top with bright print on the chest. So I decided that I needed a darker top. I also bought a blue top. Shorts are also indispensable clothing in the travel. I was never too hot in shorts. This is a very handy thing when you have a lot of walking. I plan to bypass all the sights of Kuria on foot. I bought a cotton shorts in black. I also liked the denim shorts. A friend persuaded me to buy them too. A friend said that evening in Kuria could be cool. So the jeans or trousers I always needed. I decided to buy both. Athletic fleece suit is needed for an evening stroll on Kuria. The seller offered me a few suits. I chose pink tracksuit. Fleece is a synthetic woven material for making warm clothes, made of polyethylene terephthalate fibers. Fleece retains heat well, but it allows the skin to breathe. I forgot about the smart dress. After all, my husband certainly would invite me to a restaurant. We went to the store with evening gowns. Seller recommended a small cocktail dress. I looked in this dress as yet very young girl. I thought it was a great way to create the atmosphere of our first meetings. Leotard is one of the most important things on vacation. Everyone wants to swim and sunbathe on the beach. I needed a separate swimsuit. I liked the two leotards. One of them was sporting style. A friend persuaded me to buy both swimsuits. My wardrobe is ready for traveling. I made up my mind to dress my husband and I bought a bright light shirt for him. I imagined how he would walk along the promenade wearing this shirt in Kuria. A friend of mine reminded to buy lotions and crème for getting a tan. We are ready to pack our suitcases. My husband was pleasantly surprised by my choice. Kuria intrigued him. We were both intolerant go there fast. I am sure that the travel will be unforgettable.